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Periodically I get mad at my small town auction.   There is one buyer, who insists on either buying everything, or ringing prices up.   Then she sells stuff cheap. Last week she sold a Czech Glass Art Deco Bracelet for 24.99, describing it as Victorian Carnelian. (need to insert emoji of eye roll here)  When this happens, I need to convince myself that I can find treasures elsewhere.  So today I took a road trip up I-95 to a different auction house.  This one sells jewelry lots, in little bags, but posts pictures online, so that you can see what will be offered.  So when I think of it, I check out there website, enlarge my viewing screen to 150%, and try and see what they’re offering.



This is a comfy cozy auction. Seating is provided, the auctioneers wear suits, and pictures of the items are projected on a large screen tv. Fancy stuff.   No Amish pretzels here.  Since this is a fancy city auction, you also get charged with a “buyers premium”. It ranges from 15-21% depending how you pay. This is like going to Walmart, and at checkout they charge you an extra 15% for the honor of shopping. This makes no sense to me. And it messes you up while you’re bidding. I forget to add the extra 15% to my bid in my mind.



The jewelry section starts first thing in the morning, this being the city, first thing is 10:00. Huddled in one corner of the showroom, we bid on little baggies of jewelry. Last night I went through the website and wrote down which lots were most promising (there were about 100 lots of baggies)  When I arrived this morning I opened up the interesting baggies, snooped around to see what was in the.   What I’m looking for is interesting glass, you might be looking for sterling silver,  modernist pieces, we all have different interests.   I was really happy with what I won, 5 lots, one bag of 37 bracelets was 100.00.  Personally, spending 100 dollars for a baggie of jewelry slightly freaks me out, but I’d done my research and knew I would be getting some goodies in the bag.



In the bracelet bag was one of the best art glass bracelets I have ever seen, missing a hard to replace stone. I may repurpose it, but I need to do some research with a Costume Jewelry  group to see how viable replacing the stone will be.  In the bracelet bag I also found Whiting Davis, Kramer, a tiny scarab bracelet,  a Sandor Bangle, and some mid century pieces.



I ended up spending 299.00! Ach. This is a lot for me to drop at one time.  And 45.00 of that is the buyers premium I pay. I don’t even get a Cracker Jack ring for that.   But, I ended up with 99 pieces of jewelry I think are sellable. That averages out to 3.00 a piece.   That’s a number my brain can work with.


So I walked out of there happy with what I got, I’ve run out of interesting jewelry to list, I still have hundreds of pieces, but they’re just not the greatest pieces.   It was  raining cats and dogs (and cows) when I came out, I could barely see the car in front of me.  I drove with the baggies in the shot gun seat, and I must confess fondling the beaded treasures during stop lights.  I’m just so happy with what I found today.



Tomorrow is Wed, I’ve packed up jewelry to sell, hope to meet up with my auction buddy Todd for lunch in the Amish restaurant, and maybe I’ll finds some more treasures. But I don’t have to buy anything, because I’m happy with what I got today.  This is my favorite piece, a porcelain dragon by Toshikane, Japan






Okay, the title will make more sense. It’s Wed., so we all know what I do on Wed. I got to the auction, last week it got cancelled due to snow, but this week was a go.  I have teamies on Etsy, but did you know I have teamies at the auction? Like on Etsy, we help each other out.  I have one friend who has a store, who has tons of jewelry she hasn’t been able to sell. The wonderful thing is, we all sell different things, genres, eras, whatevers.  She’s always saying she has to bring them in to resell. Well last time she came in with a 20 pound bag of costume jewelry. Sure there was a lot of junk, but there was also stuff I love, like a Czech glass flower necklace, and an Alice Caviness set.   I went through and picked out what I wanted to keep, then told her I’d take the stuff to the auction to sell. Even though she comes every week, she can’t get there early enough to put everything on display, but I can get there early. So today I sold some of her jewelry, still have more to sell from the original bag, and she told me she has 10 more bags!!!! Extra funny side note, she buys jewelry from me through the auction, now I’m seeing the stuff she got from me.

Another thing my auction buddies do is bid for each other. There are 2 auctions going on at the same time, and it never fails that I’ll want something from both ends of the building, so far I’ve have 3 different people bid for me! Today, Todd had to leave early, but there were some old dusty tools he wanted.  Of course it coincided with the jewelry auction, and I was only able to get one item, but I did it. A few weeks ago there was a weapon of minimal destruction he wanted, and I was able to get it for him while he was in another part of the auction.  I’ve talked about the assistants helping me out before, it’s just a warm and fuzzy auction moment.


These are the earrings I got today


Today there was a Czech bracelet I wanted. I had missed it 2 weeks ago, dumb me, and it was back again. But I wasn’t quite sure if it was Czech. Got out my Iphone, went to a facebook group, posted a picture of the bracelet and within minutes had confirmations from numerous teamies that it was Czech. Still didn’t get it, darn bidding went too high.  I had done the same thing last time on a Boucher necklace, I asked if it was worth buying for 10$….general concensus was, yes, buy it.


These are the earrings I got today


There were sporadic jewelry treasures today, I got a beautiful broken Czech pin, that I’m going to turn into a necklace, may be a keeper. I got a Venetian wedding cake necklace, and earrings, and a Whiting Davis gold tone mesh necklace with the original box. I love that kind of stuff.


These are the earrings I got today


The silly thing I bought was 5 trays of art glass beads. In the past I have made lampwork beads with a torch. This has provided me with a practical understanding of how glass jewelry is made, and why I love glass jewelry.  Some of these beads are vintage, but many are handmade lampwork beads, a few are fused glass.  I appreciate how valuable these are, and like my ugly Coro fur clip pin, I felt these need rescueing. So I now have a lot of  gorgeous beads, one had the original price on of 100$. (yes, beads sell for that and more)


These are just a few of the beads I got. These are all artisan lampwork beads.  I also got about 10 pounds of vintage to contemporary glass beads. There were a lot. I paid 30.00 for all of them. I paid 10 for the above lampwork ones, then 20 for a box with odds and ends.

The 3 pendants at the top are part of these, I’ll sell them as jewelry. I also found a bag of vintage art glass cabochons, they’re gorgeous too.

This year I am being super selective about what I buy. My shop is evolving slowly to a lovely curated place of vintage treasures, not just jewelry, some accessories, but everything is getting better. I only sell very good to excellent quality costume jewelry, with no issues.  I’m listing less cheap costume items, and trying to sell identifiable objects, that someone, somewhere is looking for them.  I can only list so many items a week, there’s no need for me to buy hundreds of junk pins that I can never list.  Step by step,  my shop is becoming a true depository of treasures.

Thank you for reading,  I’d appreciate it if you could send some love to my Facebook Business Page, it needs love!

Thanks for reading,







As the official costume jewelry princess at the auction I go to, and because I’m a nice princess, I get special privileges.   A few weeks ago a seller dropped off a 20 gallon box full of costume jewelry.   Don’t get excited, it wasn’t full of Juliana and Fancy stuff jewelry. Rather lots of broken watches, dirty jewelry, and possibly the occasional bug.


Huge box of jewelry I dug through to find treasures





When sellers drop off huge amounts of jewelry like this the auction assistants have to match pieces together (like earrings) and display them on trays.   The thing is, costume jewelry gets no respect.  So the assistants don’t know treasures from trash.  So Melissa, the assistant,  told me to put some trays together, for myself to bid on. Woo hoo.  Digging through a box of costume jewelry, that’s right up my aisle.  As you may have figured out, I have a thing for beaded jewelry, especially glass jewelry.  So I dug around and found some art glass necklaces, a Venetian Sommerso bead necklace, some 1950s beaded necklaces, and assorted treasures.  I kept digging around the bottom,  because you never know what you might find.   I love dress clips and fur clips, so at the bottom I found a figural Coro fur clip, of what looked like an old woman. It was in bad shape, very chippy, but since I was going to bid on this extra special tray, I threw it onto my pile.  Long story short, a couple hours later I was high bidder on the two trays.


Huge box of jewelry I dug through to find treasures


So I took my treasures home. The Venetian beads were wired onto an ugly chain, so I removed them and put them on an appropriate chain. I listed some of the necklaces, and kept putting the ugly Coro fur clip aside.  I finally got around to taking her pictures, and posted then on  Ebay.  While I heavily promote my Etsy shop, Ebay is still my  primary  store, so I post everything there first.  I knew painted Coro dress clips could be valuable, so I researched them only finding Charlie McCarthy ones.  Why they would make womens jewelry depicting Charlie McCarthy is beyond me.


I had no idea how to price her, so when  in doubt, I put items up for auction and let the  buyers decide the value.  So I started the auction at 14.99.  Right away I got a bid on it, and a strange email asking if I would end the auction early, because she had lost these before.  I said,  once I start an auction I don’t end it.  I recently joined the 21st century with an Iphone, which is connected to Ebay and tells me every time I get a bid.  About 20 minutes later my phone started beeping, and told me the bidding for the pin was up to 300.00.   For a really ugly pin.

At that point I decided to ask my Etsy team mates on Facebook what was so special about this pin. I  posted pictures, and we went back and forth.  Someone found a Coro website with the other half of this fur clip, it was Punch, as in Punch and Judy.  He had a moveable arm with a stick, was in excellent condition and asking price was 1200.00!  So who I had was Judy, but her arm was missing the stick, and she was missing a lot of paint.  Everyone gets excited when a teamie has a great find.

So I had to wait 7 days for the auction to end. I knew there were at least 2 people in the world that wanted her. I kept checking the bids, but they didn’t change.   Final high bid was 320.00 Only 320.00! This shows you how greedy we can get.  The first bidder was the winning bidder.  I asked her what she was going to do with it, restore it or leave it?  She was up in Providence Rhode Island, former costume jewelry capital of the country, and her grandmother used to work in the Coro factory.  She didn’t know whether she would restore Judy or leave her.


What absolutely amazes me, is that if I hadn’t found her, in the bottom of that grubby box, I’m sure she would have ended up in the trash.   In my mind, this ugly Coro fur clip has a place in costume jewelry history,  and I was possibly the only one there who could even envision anyone wanting her.   I’m so happy that she has returned home to Providence.



How to Make Money Without Really Trying and With a Little Help From My Friends… November 16, 2015

Setting Sail for the AuctionEvery week at the auction brings new surprises and new treasures.  Last week I was looking at the previews and saw this.  Nothing makes me get warm and fuzzy more than gobs of colored glass.  Looking at all of these colored glass cruets, some of which were hand blown made me want to have them.  I thought I’d sworn off of buying blown glass, but cruets aren’t that big, and would easily fit into a small size priority box.  Bad news was, they were going to be auctioned off early. Instead of waltzing in at 11AM I’d have to get myself up and out of the house and be at the auction by 8AM… Part of my responsibilities at home are getting my teen age son up and driving him to the bus stop, by 7:30….auction is 25 miles away….I could do this.  Got child up and shoveled into car, and as I got to the bus stop, I slowed down, pushed him out and said “see ya”!

More Colorful Cruets!So I was on my way by 7:30, but I hadn’t had coffee yet. Ach!   I thought I might have time to stop for a Mickey Dees Latte, and still make the 8AM start.  Gotta have coffee.  So I stumbled into the auction before it started, and ran to look at the glass.  The auction at 8 is very different from the auction at 11.  I used to come earlier and work the outside field, but since I’ve started concentrating on jewelry, which doesn’t start until 1PM, I’ve slacked off from getting here so early.  I loved the cruets and lovingly fondled a few.  Of course the stoppers didn’t seem to match, but they were soooo pretty.

Colorful Cruets

I looked at the first table  and saw 2 huge boxes of junk jewelry. Hmmmm, not a lot of buyers here yet, and it is jewelry, I don’t usually buy box lots, they are a lot of work, but it is an auction, so I started bidding and got the boxes for 40.00. Surely there would be something in them.   I carted the boxes back to the jewelry auction and stored them behind the counter. Back to the glass.   I waited patiently for  for them to get to the cruets, there were twenty,  I hoped they would go cheap.   A woman pulled aside 8 of them, I figured I’d let her have them and maybe I’d get the rest.   I think she got them for around 60.00.  Fine, they were the nicer ones anyway, they put up the rest of them, and they went for over 100.00 Aw shoot, I got up early and everything and never even got to bid on them.   Life goes on.

Case of Junk Jewelry I'm Selling

So I now had about 20 pounds of junk costume jewelry,  I figured I’d try and flip it at the auction. Something I’ve never done before.  I got a large case, and carefully started pulling out ugly necklaces and arranged them in the case, trying to make junk look attractive.   I got another case and stuffed it fulled of carefully arranged jewelry. This left me with a huge box of more junk jewelry.  I had picked out a few interesting things,  so I was offered the last available case, took the box and just flipped all of the remaining jewelry into it, shoveled it around some, looking for treasures I would be willing to sell in my stores.  I’ve never just dumped jewelry in a case, but a lot of people do this, and I was tired of untangling necklaces.  My hope was to make back the 40.00 I’d spent on the junk, the same day.

Dumped the Junk Hope for the Best

This was a very confusing auction day for me.   I found a great box of jewelry in the back, with a Venetian Wedding Cake bead necklace I HAD to have.  At the same time there was also a Venetian Sommerso art glass bead necklace at the jewelry counter I had to have.  At this auction you can consign a table, and put what you’re selling on one table, then items are sold individually from it.  There is one seller who consistently has great vintage jewelry.  It can be a bit pricey, but the quality is great.

So I went to lunch with Mr. T, as I always do, and worried over the two necklaces.   I didn’t know whether I should pull the one necklace from the back, or bid on the whole box. At the same time there were treasures at the jewelry counter I wanted, including a case with a millefiori bead jewelry set.  I pondered my dilemma while munching on my egg salad wrap.  Side note, as a vegetarian, the egg salad wrap is the only food I can eat at the Amish restaurant in the auction hall, so every Wed  for 4 years I have had that.   Mr T mumbled on about knives he bought, and tools he was thinking of bidding on,  not realizing how important the jewelry dilemma was.  Men!

After agonizing over this monumental decision, I decided to ask Mr. T to bid on the necklace in the back, and I would work the jewelry dept. So I stepped up to the plate, whining to anyone who would listen about the injustice of not being able to be in 2 places at once. Another auction buddy volunteered to bid on the necklace in the back, but I told him I had it covered.   How cool is that, I have friends there who will bid for me,  and I have done the same for them…I love that.

Row of showcases, my 3 sold for 85.00 this week!

Row of showcases, my 3 sold for 85.00 this week!

So my cases did really well,  I was shocked, they sold for a total of 85.00,  I made about 75.00 from the sale, but it meant I didn’t have to take any of that junk jewelry home.  I also sold some rings for 40 and 2 trays of jewelry for 50.00…. Selling at the auction is always hit or miss, this week I sold high…but that also meant I bought high.  Mr T got out bid on that Wedding Cake necklace, he actually went higher than I told him to go, and he still lost it.  I did get the Venetian Sommerso necklace, but I paid way more than I should have. I bid with my heart, and we all know that is stupid and costly.   I also bought the case for 50.00 with the millefiori set, there’s a bunch of other jewelry in it to sell, but some will go right back to the auction next week.

I got some nice jewelry this week,  it’s always a surprise to me what I got, even though I look through everything ahead of time.  It was really nice walking out of there with  a little bit of cash.  I have so much stock,  and I can’t list that much, so I’m finding as time goes on, I’m getting very selective about what goes into my stores.   I specialize in Art Deco, Rhinestone, Figural Animal, and Beaded jewelry.  Mostly mid century, but I’m not afraid to go out of those boundaries.

Jewelry makes me so happy. I’m so lucky to have this as an option for making a living.

Please visit my Etsy shop, Gretels Treasures

Until next time,





Bangle bracelets

Bangle bracelets

Every week is different at the auction. You never know what you’ll find and equally important, you never know who will be there bidding against you…Earlier this year I was in a total funk, because there was a woman who would outbid me on everything.  It made me so mad.  What really hurt was seeing my treasures going home with her, and then being listed on Ebay, WAY underpriced.   She bought massive amounts of jewelry, took awful pictures and would sell for 6.99 or best offer. (which meant she was really selling it for around 5.00)….Obsessiveness and jealousy are not pretty on me.

Assorted jewelry purchased this week

Assorted jewelry purchased this week

My obsession was not healthy for me. I whined about it to my auction friends.  My auction buddy Todd said I should just bid her up. And I tried doing that, but I didn’t want to pay that much for stuff. And it’s very hard at an auction to know who is bidding, unless they are jumping up and down. There are no paddles with numbers.  You may wonder what impact this has on pricing?  I won a case a few weeks ago for 40.00….if she had been there, she would have paid 90.00. That is a huge difference, granted you’re getting a lot of jewelry for that price, but I turn over a significant portion back to the auction. I pick what I want to keep, and throw it back.

Really cool stuff!

Really cool stuff!

How bad was it? I even tried imitating her, selling lesser jewelry for 13.99 or best offer (10.00) I found it could be done, but you have to sell a lot of mediocre jewelry at that price, and it takes just as much effort on my part to list a 10.00 item as a 20.00 or 50.00 item.  Every year the quality of my online shops has improved and streamlined. I used to sell everything! Stuffed animals, clothing, shoes, I ran from thrift shop to yard sale spending a lot of time shopping.  Now I’ve streamlined to where I go shopping, once a week, can be picky, and then theoretically list the rest of the time.  Sure I stumble into a thrift shop now and then, maybe a flea market once in a while, but I don’t spend all Saturday morning driving 100 miles trying to find something to sell. (I live in a rural area, that’s what it takes to go yard sailing around here)

More jewelry

More jewelry

Now I have to restrain myself at the auction. I don’t buy figurines, or glass, or dishes.   Occasionally small items, like antique Christmas garden toys  or lead toy animals.  And I’m happier, and my car is less trashed.  This week’s blog sounds like true confessions.

Trifari jewelry

Trifari jewelry

Now I have a nice group of auction friends. They save spots for me. We bid for each other. We talk about what case we HAVE to have, how high we’ll go for it. Do you want something out of the case I won? I give someone necklaces, she gives me some earrings.  It’s really warm and fuzzy.  And that sure beats obsession and jealousy .

This is a case I sold...for 10.00

This is a case I sold…for 10.00

This weeks auction was just nice. I arrived early to set up 2 cases of jewelry to shovel back to the auction. I thought they were nice.  Unfortunately, I only got 10.00 each for them! But the flip side is, when I sell low, I buy low….this is all non sellable costume jewelry I’m getting rid of (good for selling at flea markets, no name contemporary stuff),  but I’m buying some cool stuff….After setting up my cases, I walked around taking pictures to share on Instagram, and then I become Princess Gretel and go behind the show cases to fondle , um inspect, the trays of jewelry.   M & K were trolling through a huge box of jewelry, putting trays together, and they told me to put some together for myself! Okay joolies, picture a 20 gallon tub full of jewelry,  granted it’s filthy, but who knows what might be in there.  So major entertainment ensued.  Poor M & K, kept holding up stuff they thought I’d like, and I’d just shake my head.   I found tons of vintage beaded necklaces from the 50s, not terribly valuable, but I love beads and love sharing them with my buyers. I also put together another tray of odds and ends, including some art glass beads.  So much fun.

Huge box of jewelry I dug through to find treasures

Huge box of jewelry I dug through to find treasures

What I picked out of that huge box

What I picked out of that huge box

I conferred with a few people, about who wanted what and the bidding was on. They are still selling the estate of an antique jewelry store. Not the great stuff, but good costume is still funneling through. I’m being a good little squirrel, buying and storing acorns now, because I know the good stuff will run out someday.

Got 10.00 for selling this jewelry also!

Got 10.00 for selling this jewelry also!

It was a good day at the auction,

Thanks for reading,





Woke up to a warm humid rainy day. But that won’t stop me from going to the auction.  Very little can keep me away from the auction. Vacation and when they’re closed are basically the only times I don’t go. I used to buy all sorts of things, glass, pottery, clothes, anything that I could resell. This was back in 2011 after I lost my job.   I’m a super competent person, but where I live is very rural, and I just haven’t been able to find a full time job.   Educated in textile design, after having my own handwoven clothing business for 9 years, I burned out from that and became an academic library assistant. And I was really good at it. But there’s not much call for that in the land of crabs, fish and water that is Chesapeake Bay Country.   Since moving here with my family, I’ve worked at a marina, a doctors office, a bank and an insurance company. Sigh, none have worked out for various reasons.

Comic Relief Insert to Pity Party--Pee Wee Herman

Comic Relief Insert to Pity Party–Pee Wee Herman

So I found myself creating my own business, again. I’ve been a buyer on Ebay since 1997! So it made sense to create Gretels Treasures on Ebay and start treasure hunting. I used to go to yard sales, thrift shops, flea markets and finally auctions.   Selling a wide variety of items was trying and confusing. One day I take pictures of clothes I bought, then the next listing glass ware and animal figurines. I did this for a couple of years, but since I was 17 I collected vintage jewelry, and this was what I knew best. If you’re a writer, you write about stuff you know. If you are an Ebay seller, you should sell what you know best.

To Thine Own Self Be True

To Thine Own Self Be True

Every day is a learning experience. I learn to take better pictures. I learn to work social media. I’m a technophobe, so how did I end up on Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Facebook, Tumbler, Keep AND Instagram? Baby steps. One little baby step at a time.   After being on Ebay for a year selling, I didn’t what to put all my eggs in one basket. So I expanded to Etsy. Both are great selling platforms, but different. Ebay is very structured, with lots of rules to follow. And they change about every 6 months. Etsy was a bit more warm and fuzzy, they want you to connect with your customer, and you have more control over how you sell. On Etsy you have teams you can join, and copromote your store and items.

Huh? Yes, Seen at the Auction!

Huh? Yes, Seen at the Auction!

I belong to 3 Etsy teams, each is a little different, but all are very supportive. I’ve made wonderful friends, and learned so much. I also belong to Facebook groups, who offer support with research and electronic business practices.

Puppy Memorial or Sweet Portrait?

Puppy Memorial or Sweet Portrait?

So now I go to an auction once a week, play jewelry princess, and try and find great treasures that I can find forever homes for. You can find anything at this auction, including a cannon this week. I realize this hasn’t been the usual Adventures in Jewelry Hunting with Gretel that you might be used to.

Boom! Opening Price was 13, bids duh

Boom! Opening Price was 13,000…no bids duh

I had a great week at the auction, including buying this case, which included a Hattie Carnegie Art Glass Necklace. Soon to be coming to an Etsy and Ebay store near you.


These are the best things I got this week…and the worst pictures. I can’t take good close ups with my Iphone…but I did want to show you:

Hattie Carnegie, Venetian Beads, and Lisner leaf necklace

Hattie Carnegie, Venetian Beads, and Lisner leaf necklace

Art Deco molded glass dress clip, Trifari jewelry set, Trifari bracelet, Scarab bracelet, Venetian Sommerso Bead earrings

Art Deco molded glass dress clip, Trifari jewelry set, Trifari bracelet, Scarab bracelet, Venetian Sommerso Bead earrings

Like I said, they’re really awful photos, and I’ve touched them up! Thank you for reading, I’m getting better at this



Let me start by saying I’m now on Instagram…if you like looking at cool old stuff please follow me. Every week I’m going to take a series of cool old stuff at the auction and post a picture or two every day. It’s a no stress way to get a daily intake of cool or weird old stuff.

Okay, back to vintage jewelry treasure hunting with Gretel…this week at the auction I suffered extreme costume jewelry overload.   This particular auction, in the hills of somewhere on the East Coast, usually has an assortment of jewelry ranging from the 1920s to the 2000s…. There can be a lot of junk, and an occasional treasure. Why does anybody think that Dollar Store Mardigras Beads need to be resold? Ah but this week was very different.

Rhinestone, rhinestones, rhinestones

Some Juliana Treasures

They had received boxes from an estate, I’m not sure if it was a collector, or a store, because there were massive amounts of very good quality jewelry. 14 large showcases to be exact. I wish I had taken a picture of all the shows cases (24 x 30 inch size) filled to the bring with great jewelry. Usually they sell a whole case, but this time they were selling individual items and small hand picked lots. Cases included antique bone and ivory, early plastic, Juliana rhinestone, Miriam Haskell (a lot), Art Deco, Mexican Silver, lots of signed pieces, Silver, amazing stuff.

Miriam Haskell treasures

Early Plastic Jewelry

One of the auctioneer’s mothers had the keys and was showing everyone individual pieces. Normally you can’t touch or see the backs of anything in the cases. My gosh, I just wanted to roll around in them.

More, more, more rhinestones

More, More, More Rhinestones

Here’s the thing, although I go every week to an auction, I have zero patience or tolerance for them! I’m lucky that jewelry starts at a certain time, otherwise I’d have to arrive at 8 in the morning, and wait around all day, just to have a chance at being outbid.


So we were surrounded by thousands of dollars worth of costume. (Remember this NEVER has happened before in the past 4 years I’ve been coming here) It was like sharks circling their prey, going around and around these cases. I had resolved myself that I wouldn’t be getting anything, because there were some heavy hitters with deep pockets. I’ve seen one woman bid 150.00 on a necklace that I would have sold for 75.00….either her market is better than mine, or I’m underselling things so please visit my Etsy and Ebay stores now.

More, more, more rhinestones

More, more, more rhinestones

When the time came to bid, we looked like 2 rows of people lined up in a church for communion. I of course, princess and treasure hunter that I am, lined up right in front of the cases I was most interested in bidding on. Once they got started things happened very fast. I had spent the previous 4 hours circling, picking out what I wanted to bid on, and strategizing. I was ready for the battle to begin.


Prices in general did not go crazy high. Higher than I’d like. For instance, 2 Juliana bracelets, one with matching earrings went for 130.00. I feel that was too high, they were not Easter Egg or Art glass bracelet, just nice chunky rhinestones. I ended up with about 30 pieces of jewelry and paid 390.00 for it. This is really a lot of money for me, but I got some great pieces. A gorgeous Art Deco signed Czech glass necklace, what I think may be an unsigned Miriam Haskell necklace, an Art Deco pair of rhinestone dress clips, 2 early rhinestone peacocks, a Coro duette bird set, a sterling rhinestone bird I think is Coro or Trifari, a Murano glass bead necklace, and other assorted jewelry. One pair of Juliana earrings, not great, but still. Here’s what I ended up with:

Final Results for the Day

Final Results for the Day

It was a long tiring day. And I had started it out with a cold to boot. I picked up Chinese food on the way home, and crashed the moment I got in the door. I am an introvert, and being around all those people and visual stimulation just wipes me out. Hope you enjoy my pictures.



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Out with the New and in with the Old.

Queen of Fifty Cents

Follow her hunt for vintage jewelry and other treasures

Ramblings of an Ebay Addict

Learning to sell on ebay and beyond

Operation - Special Child

Austim, Aspergers, ADHD, ADD - Questions & Answers

Late Night Coffee

Follow her hunt for vintage jewelry and other treasures

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