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Two Years Later, Gretels Treasures is Still Here! November 25, 2018

Evidently I haven’t written a blog entree for over 2 years.  That is sad and amazing. I love looking at what my blog once was. Blogs are alot of hard work. And commitment.  Two things I like to avoid.  The online retail market for vintage treasures that I off has greatly imploded in the last 18 months.  I’ve considered branching out to vintage other than jewelry. I’ve expanded to 3 selling venues, Ebay, Etsy, and Mercari.  I am a social media princess active on Facebook ( ), Pinterest (  Instagram (} plus twitter, We Heart It, Tumbler, and Google+.   Despite this action, my sales, like many of my colleagues have tanked this year.

You can blame:

My point is I am sitting here watching Gretels Treasures die. Something organic that I have grown for the last 7 years is dying, and with it, a part of me, my self confidence.  my raison d’etre, my comfy, cozy delusionally romantic life of making my own hours, selling what I love, shopping, networking I feel it coming to a close.   I have instituted measures to allow me to still make a profit, by basically a buying freeze.  I sell what I have.   Many of my friends are in the same situation. We are older over 50 women, who have been out of the active job market for years. We have great skills, that are marketable, but having worked for ourselves have no references that are relevent. This is my situation.

I have to change.  Change  or Die.  This is my journey.  Don’t be sad. I’ve reinvented myself many times.  Here I go again.  Tomorrow is literally a new beginning






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