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Button Button Who’s Got the Button? November 22, 2015

imageYou never know what is going to happen and what you’ll see at the auction.  If you remember, last week I did really well selling at the auction.  I bought junk jewelry and flipped it for over double what I paid for it. I dumped it into a case, and got 30.00 for it.  Well, this week I tried the same strategy, took my broken junk, flipped it into a case….and got 5.00 for it.  Just another day at the auction.

After I set up my case to sell, I cruise around making sure I don’t miss any jewelry on the tables.  It’s weird, sometimes the jewelry goes for more, or less on the tables.  I’m also taking pictures for my auction photo blog on Instagram…I love taking pictures of weird and wonderful stuff.  Right now Mid Century Modern furniture is really hot.  So I’m cruising the aisles and look what I found:

Staffordshire Poodle Dog and Pups

A Staffordshire poodle dog and puppies figurine.  I love this stuff!  I don’t know what’s old and what’s not. I don’t need antique Staffordshire. It was so cute! I stood around and waited to bid on it.  I held in  til 30.00.. The other bidder got it for 40.00.  I didn’t need another dustible at home.  Then I saw a Steiff little lion! I love Steiff.   Once again I held in til 30.00.  And the other bidder got it for 40.00.  I collect small mohair animals, I don’t know if it was worth much more.


I tried calling Mr. T, my auction buddy, on the phone, but it wasn’t working.  Had to go outside into the auction field to look for him.  It seemed to be a cheap day as far as buying.  I wandered the aisles, finally found him digging around in rusty old tools.  This guy knows his stuff. Out of a whole table full of tools, he’ll declare it all junk, except for one widget that he’ll get 300.00 for!   So we’re wandering and found an old jewelers bench. He started opening drawers, I start opening drawers. There were bits and pieces of broken jewelry. I found some great Swiss jewelry  tweezers, a couple of pliers, and best of all, two tiny boxes of replacement rhinestones.  I save broken jewelry for parts, digging out rhinestones to replace missing stones, it’s hard and annoying work.  These little jewels would make my life so much better. Meanwhile Mr. T gets a screw driver out and starts removing a jewelers vise off of the bench. He also got a pile of tools.  We put all the stuff together and put it in a drawer. He would come back later and bid  on the lot.


Outside, a football field full of junk, er, treasures



There wasn’t anything exciting at the jewelry auction, I picked up some assorted stuff, including a box of jewelry, all missing rhinestones, that I should have skipped.  But there was some interesting stuff in the back on the tables.  There were a bunch of New Old Stock Lucite necklaces and earrings, with original tags on them.  They’re not worth a lot of money, but I am so attracted to beaded jewelry, and they are so charming.  I rushed back to try and bid on the boxes.  I saw my arch nemesis at the table.  She often outbids me (because I care about profit margin) and then sells cheap.  (Yes, I stalk her on Ebay, but there’s nothing creepy about that, really there isn’t)



This table had jewelry, old hats and bags, and jewelry boxes. There was a woman hovering over MY jewelry!  Turned out she was interested in the wooden case under the jewelry! Yay…I won the jewelry, and a large jewelry box (for storage) and a Christian Dior vintage chapeau.  I think it might be from the 50s, in excellent condition.



The biggest surprise of the day was 2 tables with lots of vintage button, linens and a box of beaded flowers.  You never know how prices will go for this type of stuff.  By this time, it was getting later, and things were moving faster, I put together a lot of buttons, 3 vintage compacts, a nautical ruler and divider, a huge bag of mother of pearl buttons and a Pug Christmas stocking.  I got it for 20.00.  I moved to the next table and pu together a lot of beaded flowers, a bunch of vintage buckles and more buttons and got that for 20.00 also.  I know I swore I wouldn’t buy anything but jewelry anymore, but there something about buttons and beads that attract me.


Mr T. stopped by, and gave me the rhinestones and tools we had squirreled away, he got the whole bunch for 10.00 out in the field.  He helped me carry my haul back to my car.  I stopped by the office and collected my 5.00 for the case of junk I sold.  I went home tired and happy.  It was a great day at the auction.



No auction next week because of Thanksgiving,  I may do a question and answer blog next week.

Thank you for reading.  If you google Gretels Treasures you’ll be surprised at what comes up!












2 Responses to “Button Button Who’s Got the Button?”

  1. MJ Mouw Says:

    I love reading these. I feel like I was there. Wish I Could be.

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