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Confessions from Gretels Treasures October 6, 2013

First of all I’m still here.

And I still go to auctions.

And I’m still a commitment phobe, thus my lack of postings. I think the hard part is combining pictures and words. I thinks pictures make the blog more interesting, but it takes time and coordination to do that, so I haven’t.

If you go back to January, you’ll see my ambitions for selling silver jewelry. Then you’ll see I didn’t like it. Or I did like it. Or whatever.

Most people on Etsy have been having a really bad few months, including me. Complaining about changes, and not selling. If you’re not selling you have to list more. If you’re not selling it’s Etsy’s fault and you’re going to quit. You need to be on Facebook. You need to tweet. You need to pin. You need to google+ (I haven’t figured that one out yet)

I’m not particularly attached to Etsy. I’ve always believed in diversification. That’s why I’ve tried Ebay, Etsy, and Bonanza. (never heard of Bonanza, neither has any one else. Trust me, you’re not missing anything) What I have figured out is, everyone is different, nothing will work the same for everyone. And there won’t be any pretty pictures this week.

Oct 1st starts the 4th quarter of the year, the time when all retailers set their sights on making a profit. (And yes, we are retailers).  This would not be the time to decide to change your whole store and retail mission. I currently have 600 listings on Ebay.  I sell vintage jewelry, toys, stuffed animals, shoes, clothes, Disney, Christmas stuff, art glass, pottery, accessories, fabric…..anyone seeing a pattern here? Exactly there is none.  I have preached diversification. I keep spreadsheets on what categories sell and where they are sourced. Ebay helps me keep track on all sorts of categories. But what does all that do with my wellbeing?

I am considered a successful online reseller. But this means I run to yards sales, thrift shops, auctions, and anywhere else I can find stuff here in the middle of no where. My large walk  in closet is full…of stuffed animals and other peoples clothes and shoes once they buy them. Over the last year I started dating my item records so I could see how long that Talbots jacket has cycled through Ebay. and you know what? I want my closet (and bathroom back)

Right now all my clothes are on sale for 35% off on Ebay:

Though the sale falls off tonight, I’ll accept any reasonable offer on any of the clothes listed.  Why? I’m tired of diversification.

I have 3 shoe boxes full of listable jewelry, I’ve allowed to pile up for months. And not done anything about it. The .last few weeks I’ve bought some non jewelry vintage items at the auction and had fun listing them.  Clothes are very hard to list and sell, unless you are willing to make it a full time commitment. I’m actually anxious to dump all my clothing and have a more manageable store!

Our family has undergone some major changes in the last few months. After being laid off 4 years ago, my husband was finally able to get  a full time job in this county.  Which meant I felt I could back off a little to pick up the slack at the home front.  I want to have things calmer around my house. Unlike many sellers, I am not a hoarder. I look around at all the stuff surrounding me, filling every little corner, and it really depresses me, causing me to shut down.  I have been really depressed the last few months, what with worrying about my Honey’s new job situation, my only child starting Middle School (that’s enough for another blog!), and all this stuff.

I use that term frequently for what I sell. And that’s what it is, Stuff. And I don’t even like a lot of it that much. I want to sell treasures not used clothes. So that is where I have been, and now that we’re approaching holiday time, I’ve decided to change direction.

Thank you for reading this far




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