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Why Do I Do This? July 2, 2013

Build a Bear Clothing Lot

Why do I do this. I ask myself this a lot. Buried somewhere in my Etsy and Ebay pages is my “answer”….I try to find and save things and find a new owner for the item. Simple. And by utilizing the availability of world coverage offered by the two big “E”s, I find myself shipping things all over the world. Usually they get sent into a black hole. I deliver a package to the Post Office, gently packed, and send it on it’s way. I rarely hear from the buyer again. Unless there’s a problem. Then I hear from them, it’s too small, it’s not right, it’s scratched whatever. And during those times I email them cheerfully to send it back for a full refund. I want them to be happy with their purchase.

Sold! Purple and Green Seltzer Bottle

Yesterday I spent hours bubble wrapping fragile glass and pottery to be shipped across the country. My air conditioning wasn’t working. It was really humid, (thankfully no sun, just rain) I was cranky and alone. My immediate reaction it to think the a/c will never work again. I had to call Ebay because I had a big sale ( The beautiful seltzer bottle) to someone who wanted the item shipped to a different addy. This could create problems for me. They said it was okay. After wrapping it in bubble wrap, padding out the box, I got it all wrapped up. Then proceeded to mess up the label not once but twice. It’s now on it’s way and I’m holding my breath that I won’t hear from the buyer.

Sounds like I’m getting cold hearted and bitter about this online selling thing doesn’t it. Well that’s where the build a bear clothing shown at the top comes into play. I purchased a whole bunch of the stuff earlier this spring, knowing that someone somewhere would appreciate what they were getting. Lots of great clothing at a great price for their daughter’s build a bear toy. Yay. Last week I sold it. Stuffed it into a Priority Box, never thinking any more about it.

But I did hear about it. This morning I opened up my email to find a note from the buyer:

Hi, I cannot think you enough for all the beautiful fun Build a Bear
goodys. My little 8 year old girl has cerebal palsey and she has just
discovered the world of Build a Bear. It is so expensive so I thought that
your lot would be perfect and it is. I try to give her as much normal as I
can and this is a touch of normal. She goes to therapy 6 times a week and
has so many doctor appointments. I thought that this way once a week we
could add a thing fun and bring out a new surprise (A new outfit for one of
her treasured Build a Bears). Your things are wonderful for this and your
service was so much more then ebay lets us give. Thank you for such
wonderful everything. Jeannie

Wow. Shoot. My Treasure Hunting succeeded beyond my expectations. Imagine being able to make a little girl that happy. It’s so easy to get blasé about selling stuff, trying to make the most money out of an object. And then you get a letter like that.

I’ve shared this with some Ebay facebook friends and Etsy friends. It’s nice to be reminded what an impact a treasure can make in someone’s life.

Happy Fourth of July everyone.

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it.



One Response to “Why Do I Do This?”

  1. Todd Hughes Says:

    Great story!, human nature is that you only remember the bad or problem people that you deal with but they are a very small minority.

    That was a beautiful bottle, I remember when you got it, glad you did well with it.

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