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Gretel Settles in to a New Lifestyle June 20, 2013

Today's Catch

I had a good catch Yesterday. Let’s back up some. This is my first week as taking care of child and house stuff while DH works full time. We are so happy that things are going well for him. As an “older” employee, (ie not in his 20s) he may not be a limber as those young’uns, but he makes up for it in wisdom and common sense, evidently something that is lacking in so 20 somethings. I have to make sure to get Zach to the bus stop in time for camp, and before that make sure he get’s his medicine (bad mommy!)…Just because we’re on time at the bus stop doesn’t mean the bus will be. But at least we have the air conditioned comfort of the car. Another positive aspect of this bus stop thing is I get in town twice a day, for mailing treasures off to the four corners of the world. (Yesterday to Australia, France, and Hong Kong, that’s 3 of the corners right?)

After dropping off the little master, I settle down for cruising on Ebay to make sure I don’t miss someone else’s mistakes in pricing. Earlier this year I purchased a 3 piece Venetian glass jewelry set, in original box with paper work for 15.00 (on ebay) I flipped it after many months for 125.00. Yes, there are people who spend all day searching for cheap stuff to flip. I just have about 15 lists of jewelry I search every morning, mostly for personal use, but sometimes I find something.

At 11:00 am time to hit the auction. I’m only buying jewelry (I tell myself) right now. And surprisingly there was a lot of decent costume jewelry. Miss H who works the auction counter said 10 of the trays were hers, and I did get a bunch of them. She let me behind the counter to look on my own (Yay, I’m a princess again!), which is so much easier and quicker than her pulling out each tray for me to see. I did find some surprises. So the picture at the top is what I got. about 5.5 pounds of costume, most of it sellable. But first lunch. I try and have lunch with Mr. T and the Lovely Ms. J was with him. Mr. T collects blondes along the way (guess I’m one of them too) because people have confused Ms. J and me at the auction as friends with Mr. T. I was obsessing with the jewelry, so the 2 of them went into the luncheonette and ordered me my weekly egg salad wrap. This is an Amish restaurant at the auction, and there aren’t that many options for a vegetarian.

Over lunch once again he tried to convince me to do auctions, show me the error of my ways, but I am a stubborn blonde. Back in high school they couldn’t get me to try the brownies with extra special herbs in it, what makes you think I will stop being stubborn after all these years. (Not an endearing quality as far as DH thinks) I currently have 2 auctions running with no interest or bidders!

Funny, there weren’t many people at the jewelry counter, a lot of the big jewelry cases (where I have sold) went for 10.00….One even got combined with another. This is a great opportunity to get lots of jewelry , good for flea markets and such, but I am up to my ears in jewelry:

5 boxes full of jewelry

This is my current back log of auction jewelry. 3 shoeboxes, a jewelry box, and a k’nex box. I dread to think how heavy they are. Why do I need to buy more? Hi, my name is Gretel, and I am addicted to buying jewelry. Right now bidnapper is bidding for me on a necklace, and I am watching a few scarab bracelets.

All of the jewelry in those boxes is for sale (but not listed, listed items are somewhere else)

So, lets cut to the chase, I filled my little shoe box up yesterday with some great stuff. Trifari, Coro, Alice Caverness, Hattie Carnegie to name a few. Some I have to test for silver (I had no idea silver was down to 16.50 an ounce, I sold some yesterday thinking it was still 25.00 an ounce)…So lets look at some pictures:

Some pins and bracelets

The bracelet on the left is a silver spring cuff with enamel animal heads, it might be sterling, I love these faux pearl earrings (unmarked), love the owl and the fox, just a nice little assortment

More pins

Some pins, the coral color one is Sarah Coventry, I got some Trifari earrings I may “marry” to it, because they would look good together, I love the leaves pin

Fluorite handmade necklace

Fluorite handmade necklace

I personally love this necklace and will probably keep it and wear it until/if it sells. Banded shades of green and purple, my favorite color combination. I bought this as part of a lot. I don’t know what I paid for the lots, some were like 10-20 dollars. I paid 127.00 for everything (and more) that you see in the top picture. No Juliana, Regency, or Weiss goodies, but a lot of stuff I can work with.

Alice Caverniss enamel Peacock

Alice Caverniss enamel Peacock

Now this piece I pulled out of a lot. I was afraid it would go higher than I wanted (think it had silver on it) I paid 15.00 for this pin, not much wiggle room for resale, but it makes my shops look great, might bring in traffic, and I really love it. (sorry for the picture quality on this)…the rest of the lot went for 70.00…remember Gretel’s rule of 40….never spend more than 40.00 for something, unless you really love it. (I will spend more than 40.00 for a Julianna parure…saw one sell for over 500.00 last week)

Goldfish bowl necklace

Goldfish bowl necklace

How cool is this! Miss H was selling this in a lot, and I was lucky enough to get it. It’s unsigned, but so fun, I love it.

Har Brooch

Har Brooch

I saw this and wanted it. I thought it might be a Regency Pin, it’s not but it’s very pretty. Stones are glued in, and it’s missing a few blue balls, but I think I can scrounge some of those up from another piece I have.

Hattie Carnegie Bee Pin

Hattie Carnegie Bee Pin

Another pin I saw and loved. I was surprised when I flipped it over and saw the Hattie Carnegie name. I was tempted to scrape off all the pin enamel/paint (did I hear a gasp out there) but I will leave it as is and allow it’s new owner to decide what to do with it.

I realize I have so much great stuff to sell I think I need to take an inventory. Gulp. And stop buying. (Not happening)

Right now I’m obsessing about Egyptian Revival jewelry and Czech glass jewelry.

Czech Red Glass Scarab necklace

Czech Red Glass Scarab necklace

I recently bought this on ebay. It was so worth it! That is a huge 2″ long glass scarab. Yum.

Time to go, here’s what I’m looking at right now:

Looking at right now

Looking at right now

Picture of my front yard. You can also find me on facebook, pinterest, ebay and etsy




One Response to “Gretel Settles in to a New Lifestyle”

  1. Todd Hughes Says:

    It seemed that the prices were pretty low on those tray lots of jewelry , I bet you did good.
    Things were kind of strange for me, got a real nice and rare big schrade switchblade worth $250 at least for $10 then paid $60 for a Gillete razor for Mosa after I bought her a box of old razor blades for $40 off a guy in the parking lot.
    I think she would rather have them then jewelry!

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