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Gretel’s Got Your Back! June 7, 2013

Pretty Amethyst Stone

Lots of different stuff to talk about today. Where to start? I’ve been trying to “deaccession” (get rid of) my “junk jewelry”. Items that just aren’t worth my time to list, because they’re not special enough. I keep meaning to take a picture of one of my costume case lots so you can see how much I’m selling and how much or how little, I’m getting. I’ve done this the last 3 weeks, and I got 20.00, 40.00, and 25.00 for a case. Minus a 15% commission. It’s a quick way to dump a lot of jewelry. I try not to sell broken items, but these are all recent to vintage not so great pieces for online. Ebay is flooded with not so great stuff, I don’t know the statistics, but a large percentage of jewelry (and everything) must go unsold.

This was also the last week of the “New Old Stock” jewelry from Rhode Island. A factory had been shut for decades, and the jewelry just sat in there. I heard that the guy selling this at the auction paid 8000.00 for it. He did not make a killing, though I’m sure he recouped his investment. A couple of weeks ago I bought a lot of it. I ended up with over 10 pounds of assorted goodies. (gotta go back get pictures and write about it)

I’m trying to stay current, so tonight I’ll write about yesterday’s auction. First of all there was hardly any jewelry. That’s still okay, I’m months behind in listing, so I don’t need to buy any. They reversed how they do the jewelry and coin auction now also, so I still have a prime spot, and I’m not too worried about losing it as long as I show up every other week.

Since nothing was attracting me at the jewelry counter, I decided to go outside into the field. (I generally don’t go out there in the sun because I wilt, but I was curious what was out there)….Ahhhhh, a lot of nothing. At least nothing I needed to wilt for. I called Mr. T on my phone to find out about lunch, he was a happy little guy, lots and lots of tools. He had piles of them spread out amongst the rows, argh, so I had to wait for him to bid. So he had his little pile of tools and got it for 10.00. He put in in a big plastic bowl and I took care of it while he scurried off to his next pile. Mr. T has quite a reputation, more on that later. He won another pile of tools, which left me holding the yellow plastic bowl (with tools) and standing over his 2nd pile of tools, while he scurried off to find a box for his treasures. He’s got lots of frienemies, gives knowledgeable advice, and is very generous. (He’s always trying to give me knives and tools. He did a weapon check on me yesterday in the field, but I failed, my pen knife was in the car) Long story short, I ended up watching a few different peoples piles of tools while they brought their cars around. (While I wilted some more)

Finally lunch! “T” went inside and I went for my car, but not before I stopped before a big box of stuff. Surely something must be good in it, I threw some dolls into the box, drove my car up to it, to wait for the auctioneer. A couple were discussing who had thrown dolls in their box, (ummmmm, not me!) Auctioneer came, they bid their 10.00 and bam! I outbid them for 15.00 . There must be something in it. Paid a guy 1.00 to put it in my car. Here’s the box:

Box of Junk

Let’s take a break here from yesterday, and see what was in the box. Today I pulled up the trash can to the back of my car, and basically threw most of the stuff out. I don’t believe in saving broken icky stuff. There were some etched wine glasses and some chipped figurines I saved for the thrift shop. I was disappointed there, I was hoping the figurines would be good. I ended up with 2 Danbury Mint covered bridges, an Annette Funicello mohair bear, some fake Limoges boxes, a glass scottie dog, the 4 dolls I threw into the box, and whatever other odds and ends you see in the below picture:

What I Kept from the Box of Junk

Not really worth 15.00 but I’m going to try and take more risks in the future.

Inside, I was ready for lunch, but “T” had found some old fishing gear he wanted. So we had to wait for that. ARgh. Boys and their toys, mine are much more fun and shiny and glittery. At the next table over were some jewelry boxes, so I started digging through them and found a pretty broken florenza bracelet. But I could fix it. I picked out some more stuff and put it in a shoe box. “T” came over and put a knife in it, said he’d give me 25.00 for it. So I stood there guarding my shoe box of stuff, and 2 older gentlemen started pawing at the knife. I’m blonde, and have played dumb all my life. Guys are so stupid they can’t see it. They started saying there’s a guy here who’s gonna want that knife and bid you up. “Oh really?” (batting eyelashes, flipping blonde hair) Yeah, his name is Killerdog. “Maybe I can hide the knife under the jewelry, thanks for warning me” Yeah, he bids up everyone, he’s bad. (If you haven’t figured it out by now “T” is the Killer Dog that they are talking about. I thanked them, and shuffled off to tell “T” to stay away from me. I was working the box of jewelry and had these guys eating out of my hand.

Long story short, one of his frienemies came over, picked the knife out of my box and said he’d be bidding on it. Oh. Okay. No problem. “T” had been outbidding him all day and he was out to get this knife. He ended up spending 90.00 for it. (It wasn’t worth it) I played cool and got my shoe box of stuff for 30.00. Here it is:

Jewely Haul for Today

The best thing is the Florenza bracelet, with original tag, there’s also a very funky wide painted metal bracelet stamped Germany, my gut says it’s pre-warII, it’s extremely light weight and looks art deco, also another little thermoset bracelet:


A nice blue flower pin and earrings set, 1960s maybe:

Blue Flowers

And a West German Pendant, fancy chain necklace and earrings:

West German Set

Finally a few more pictures of the remaining jewelry, a gold feathery pin, a Monet circle pin, a jockey and horse, some neat intaglio reverse carved earrings, and some assorted goodies:

More assorted goodiesAssorted Goodies

The amethyst crystal at the top was also in my shoebox. I really enjoy pulling together these lots that I find. Thanks for sticking with me so long.

Egyptian Revival Necklace

Let me end with this great Egyptian Revival Czech. Glass neckace I got a few weeks ago. I planned on selling it, but given my attraction to scarabs and glass beads, I think I’m keeping it. (BTW, one just sold for 144.00 on ebay auction, they can sell for twice that on Etsy)

Here’s my pinterest page that I’m working on, the subject is Egyptian Revival Jewelry Gallery:


2 Responses to “Gretel’s Got Your Back!”

  1. Susan Harris Says:

    Gretchen never throw broken jewelry away..if nothing else and you need extra cash..$ bead stores will buy it..along with antique stores that have some dealers that do jewelry design and or just want it..I use to peddle a lot of stuff I got at the auction that I never wanted in the first place..try it out ..Susan, Jewels.

  2. Todd Hughes Says:

    Killerdog!? LOL

    Had a great day yesterday, best buying that I’ve done in a while and prices were good. Wish I had pulled out more stuff and bid against more people now. Thank you very much for your help made a difference.
    I think that fishing reel is going to do very well!
    Glad you got some stuff too.

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