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Gretel May Need to Pack a Smith and Weston? to Attend the Auction? May 24, 2013

Ha, got your attention didn’t I. File this under TMI, too much information. Picture little Gretel skipping through the woods to the auction house (sans Hansel) and instead of meeting a witch who do she meet? A guy who says he’s “packing” whenever he comes to the auction, and it’s my Constitutional right to know that. Gulp. Now we are talking country auction. 1 hour from the nearest Walmart country. More cows than people country. How about some background info on me. I’m from a “big city” up North. From the age of 12 I rode public transportation, travelled around the city by myself, I’m packing city paranoia, I watch to see if cars are following me, wear my bag crossbody (never know when a cow will try to steal your purse), I’ve been the victim in an armed robbery and had shots fired over me during said robbery. So I’m not walking around with country rose colored glasses. However I believe in seeing the best in people, we’re all God’s children, Do Unto Others, yada yada.

So I’m standing at my spot at the jewelry auction last week. And a guy stands next to me wearing a cowboy hat and carrying a Longaberger basket. (Seriously, I do not make this up)…he is a regular. And he starts telling me about being prepared for the Hispanic invasion that is coming. (gulp, smile nicely)….He’s prepared, and it’s coming. Remember you can buy guns and knives at this auction. And he’s not gonna let any of them get his stuff. He’s taking it with him. He’s prepared. Look what he got out in the field. He pulls out a handful of ??Gauge shot gun shells. And he tells me the advantages of shooting first with a bullet vs buckshot. (oh yay) He stops to offer my auction friend “L” a turquoise bracelet in thanks for helping him out previously. Then he continues on how prepared he is, he’s even packing….and it’s my Constitutional right to know that. He pays cash at the auction for everything, so he has to carry 10,000-12,000 dollars with him. (cripes, can’t he just write a check like everyone else?) And no ones going to mess with him. Mr. Cowboy hat is a regular and he buys a lot of jewelry. Miss. G guesses he must come down from NYC (with his Longaberger basket)

This weeks haul

Anyway, as you may have felt, I haven’t been lovin’ the auction much the last few months. The jewelry just bores me. I don’t need to personally like the jewelry I buy, I do need to be intrigued by it, or be able to picture someone wanting it. I consider my self a treasure hunter, and cheap jewelry from the past decade is just not treasure to me. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the vintage furs I bought last week. I got a mink stole, a silver fox scarf and muff, and another mink collar. Even though I’m a vegetarian, I enjoy selling vintage furs and these were all in good condition. Last winter a friend of mine gave me her mother in laws furs to sell, and I did, and they go pretty cheap at the auction. (30.00 for all the above bits)

So back to jewelry, all the goodies in the above picture is what I got. Funny, I thought I got a lot of stuff last week, but this little itty pile of stuff doesn’t look like much. I was even happy as I left. So I’d better go digging through here to see what I got.

Monet, Trifari Crown, Jackie K

I’m not a big fan of goldtone jewelry and the queen of goldtone jewelry seems to be Monet. Evidently I got 2 Monet necklaces and a bracelet. Maybe they are collectible in some world but not in Gretel’s world. The Pin and earrings (goldtone again) is Trifari crown. Trifari has been around a very long time, and has had it’s quality ups and downs. Some pieces are worth hundreds of dollars, some not so much. And in general I don’t know the difference. I need to really force myself to study Trifari. I had an ugly little gold Trifari pin, sitting around for months, I finally put it up on Ebay, fortunately I researched it a little, because it sold for 100.00 in 2 minutes. My friend Mr. T. is saying right now “you should have put it up for auction, you lost money on it” Thanks T. The gold mesh bracelet with little rows of rhinestones is signed JBK. As in Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy. QVC puts out a reproduction line of her jewelry, I’m guessing this is part of that. Very nicely made, but boring (to me)

Sterling art deco pin

This is a 2″ sterling silver art deco pin with tiny rhinestones, authentic vintage (possibly earlier, I may need to do some research on clasps) The tray a lot of this jewelry was in was very dirty, so nothing looked as good as it does now. (Unfortunately I didn’t clean up these pictures, they’re on the dark side)

Large art deco faux turquoiise pin

A rhinestone necklace and bracelet, missing one stone, I can fix that. But this huge 3″ pin is such treasure to me. And you would never have guessed it under the grime when I got it. I believe it’s base metal (I tested it for silver, no go) with lovely glass faux turquoise stones and marcasites. It’s missing a couple, but I just really like this pin and hope I can find a special person who will appreciate it, again this is true art deco or earlier. I can just imagine a young woman walking into Woolworths or Gimbels and buying it to go with an outfit, putting it in her jewelry box, and all these years someone has been protecting it til it arrived in my hands.


This was what attracted me to this lot, I love bug jewelry, and this is a big stylized sterling silver beetle. He’s very dimensional, high dome, about 2.5″ long. Another thing I got last week which I didn’t take a picture of was a sterling silver scarab bracelet, no stones, just sterling bugs, it’s a treasure I’m keeping. Miss H at the auction house pointed it out to me, otherwise I might have missed it. I really appreciate their taking the time to know their customers and make recommendations.

Art Deco Venetian Beads

Long pale pink matte glass bead necklace with 3 very old venetian “wedding cake” beads. Another true vintage piece. I love Venetian glass and always gobble up any that I can get at the auction

Whiting and Davis Set

This is a humongous Whiting and Davis necklace and bracelet set. I don’t think anyone else at the auction was brave enough to bid on it. Yes, it’s a bit large, see the next picture on my wrist:

Really big bracelet

See how big it is! I’m hoping Whiting and Davis will impress someone, it is very heavy and well made, but it is rather large. But I’d rather have something big like this than a teensy ring to sell. Maybe you can tell I’m running a bit behind, this is last weeks report. Yesterday at the auction I sold another showcase of jewelry, got 15.00 for it. Woo hoo. But I will never be able to sell all of my jewelry online. The cheaper less vintage stuff has to go somewhere. I meant to take a picture of it for you to see what YOU could have bought at the auction. I’ll be selling more next week.

Thanks for visiting, I really do appreciate that you take the time to peruse my blog.



4 Responses to “Gretel May Need to Pack a Smith and Weston? to Attend the Auction?”

  1. Do you buy and sell at the same auction? in order words, brought your stuff in ahead of time (which you have to) and then came back to bid on what you wanted? I never realized they sold much jewelry at country auctions…..what part of the country is this, if you don’t mind sharing? I am in the midwest and only went to one country auction years ago, and it was held right on a farm. Thanks. You got some beauties it looks like.

    • I occasionally sell some of my lesser quality jewelry at the auction. So yes I dropped my stuff off on Tue, then on Wed went back and bid on other things. I do this because I only sell online, I don’t like to sell “not perfect” jewelry or that doesn’t meet my strict “vintage” guidelines. I will sell a “lot” of jewelry online or even “damaged for repurpose” online, but there is just too much non descript stuff that doesn’t fit those categories. A lot of the jewelry buyers at this auction sell at flea markets, where they can sell pieces for 1-5 dollars. Those are the people who buy my jewelry. This is not a “country” auction on a farm, if you go back in my blog you will see how big it is. They sell everything, boats, antiques, restaurant supplies, you never know what you will find. Buyers come from up and down the east coast, and I’ve seen sellers from Chicago! We are on The Eastern Shore. Thanks for reading my blog!!

  2. Todd Hughes Says:

    That’s Smith & WESSON
    If you feel the need to pack some heat you know I can set you up! ; )
    I do keep a riot 12 ga pump shotgun in my trunk just in case

    I think you jewelry buyers are a rough crowd, good thing I do my best to buy up all the knives other wise might see blood over some bauble
    Oh, yeah….you should of had it as an auction !

    • LOL Todd. BTW, I’ve got 2 knives for you (nothing great, but I don’t want to deal with weapons, even if they’re for the kitchen!, where I usually do create a bloodbath

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