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Gretel has Been Missing in Action May 2, 2013

I apologize for not being around last week. I did go to the auction. There was no jewelry worth waiting for. I wandered around a bit and found some seltzer bottles I liked. There was one that was purple and green It was gorgeous.

Purple and green seltzer bottle

Purple and green seltzer bottle

I’d never seen a bicolor seltzer bottle, so I bought it, hoping it will be a really special find for someone. I also bought a large plaster smoosh face dog. He’s missing a paw, but he was so cute I had to have him. One reason I wasn’t into buying last weds. was because I had a big 2 day buying trip to Kutztown and Adamstown Pa. I told you about Renninger’s Kutztown extravaganza a few weeks ago. I had been years ago, and loved it. It was huge, I got some furniture there in the past, some ceramic stuff and jewelry for fair prices. Well, fast forward 20 years.

I left my house in Maryland at 5:30 to hook up with my MIL in Lancaster County PA. After picking her up, Kutztown was an hour away. I went to college in Kutztown for one year, it was not the highlight of my college career. I was raised in Philadelphia, always went to “multi cultural” schools, and then suffered culture shock in Kutztown. I felt like a big city girl in a mining town. Anyway, we made our way to the Kutztown antique show and proceeded to suffer sticker shock!. MY MIL is a yard sale kind of gal, though she loves all things old. I’m cheap, looking for resale. I had 3 things on my list of things to buy: jewelry, glass, and animal figurines. I found one guy selling a lot of little figurines and I picked up a few. The jewelry was out of site. We got there before 9AM, I was so disheartened I said let’s bail out in an hour if it doesn’t improve. It didn’t How laughable was it? Heading out I stopped at a rhinestone booth, and looked at a Kramer rhinestone bracelet, with a price of 250.00. The dude said he could give it to me wholesale for 130.00.. Hmmmm, not a lot of room for mark up there. We left and had lunch at the Kutztown airport diner. (they had one long driveway for incoming planes) Here’s a picture of some cute cats I got:

Musical tabby cats

Musical tabby cats

So from Kutztown, we headed back to familiar territory, by then it was almost 1PM by the time we arrived at Shupps Grove. This is a kinder gentler antique flea market, held in a wooded setting. It encourages strolling around under a canopy of trees, poking around and even though it was late, we picked up a bunch of stuff. I got some scarab jewelry, including a beautiful banded agate scarab goldfilled bracelet for 12.00!!!! It may be a keeper. I also got a very pretty trio of pink rhinestone crowns, all attached with chains. Don’t know what the chains are for, to keep the little crowns from wandering away from their mother?

Mama and baby crown pins

Mama and baby crown pins

I love these crowns, they may be keepers also. We tried to hit some yard sales but they had mostly closed up by 1PM. I was so tired at this point. I’d been awake since 3AM (couldn’t sleep, I was too excited) now it was 4PM, too early for dinner, so we headed home, almost got there, then had a hunger attack and had to go back out for dinner. My MIL is the energizer bunny, she was all ready to go to Goodwill after dinner, I picked up a skirt for myself, new castaway from Target.

Our plan for the next day was a flea market in Morgantown PA, hit yard sales and then conquer some of the huge antique malls in Adamstown PA (where we had left off the day before)…I picked up odds and ends, figurines, Lincoln logs, some new in bag sheets, I don’t remember any jewelry, my eyes were googly looking at glass, dog and cat figurines, and jewelry. So much jewelry….We probably spent over 8 hours on Saturday looking for goodies. MY mind was fried and I wanted to go home to my bed. I dropped my MIL off at 7:30 PM, unloaded the car, then faced the 2 hour drive home, I was so happy to get there at last around 10:00.

Which brings me to today. After the long 2 day buying spree, I was not feeling the auction today. I ran over to the auction house to check out the jewelry. Still nothing. ARGH! I saw one millefiori necklace but it wasn’t worth sitting around to maybe not get it. (Plus I’m not a big fan of millefiori). I have a big
yard sailing Saturday coming up. Meantime I had 2 great sales from the last time I went out to local yard sales

I got a foam 3d puzzle of Yankee stadium for 1.00, sold for 90.00 in one day.
I also got a gorgeous faux pearl and rhinestone necklace for 1.00, sold that for 45.00.

I guess you can see how I like yard sales.

If anyone has any specific questions they would like answered I’d be happy to write in my blog about the answers.

TTFN as Tigger would say,



4 Responses to “Gretel has Been Missing in Action”

  1. Todd Hughes Says:

    Sounds like your trip to Pa. was an adventure even if you didn’t load up with the gems. !
    Sorry I missed you today , I got a big sousaphone for Mosa and 13 good pocket knives for me. Few other things. Over all a pretty nice day though spent to much and didn’t have anyone to eat lunch with : (

  2. Art Says:

    I too love yard sales or anyplace i can get a bargain. The best find i have ever encountered was the vacant home next door being cleaned by family of the former tenant who sadly passed away after a long fight with cancer. In the trash bin i found what amounts to about 100 pounds of vintage costume jewelry. I thought it must be a mistake to toss that all in the trash. So i showed them what i found and was told, “We don’t care and have no
    use for any of it. Feel free to take what you want”. To date I’ve recovered countless broochs, about 100 rings, every name from Avon to Trifarri to Monet., ect., ect. Also, One Love bracelet which i sold for $500. I must be the luckiest man on earth!! Just wanted to share that with you.

    • Wow, what a find. (so sad though, think how much the jewelry must have meant to the original owner, now thrown away)….The best find I ever found in the trash was a tin wind up ferris wheel, I’ve seen then sell for 100.00 and up. But this is something I would never buy, be able to justify paying that much for, so it sits in a cabinet in my living room, I really love it.

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