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Yard Sailing Has Started (Kind of) for Gretel March 12, 2013

Rummage Sale Haul, with Goodwill Additions

Rummage Sale Haul, with Goodwill Additions

Yes yard sailing is definitely different from antiqueing. I’m buying cool stuff cheap to sell on ebay. Most of this isn’t vintage enough for etsy. In order to sell on Etsy Vintage the item should have been made before 1994. My son and I got up at 6:00 to get to the rummage sale by 7:00. He’s really good about getting up early to go treasure hunting with Mom. (He’s 11)…This rummage sale was for the benefit of an Early Education Center so they got tons of donations. There were also a few people set up with their own stuff. We swept into the school gym where it was being held, I grabbed a box and started tossing things in. I found 2 red crab plates, and a bag of blown glass vegetables (really heavy), a cute rooster pitcher. 3 pairs of brand new shoes,and some other stuff I don’t remember. I went straight for one persons table and bought all her figurines, a nice cocker spaniel, a white english bulldog, 2 breyer deer, and a Wade barrel mug.

More oddities from the rummage sail.

More oddities from the rummage sail.

After the rummage sale, we went to Dunkin Donuts for sugar and coffee. Then off to Goodwill (way overpriced), a Hospital thrift shop (incredible clothes), a junk shop (just junk), and staples cause I had a coupon. We live 50 miles from the nearest town with real stores of any worth, so when you go anywhere, you have a battle plan whenever you go shopping. We had a grown up lunch at Panera. Last time we stopped at Micky Dees to pick up his lunch, but this time we had an adult lunch! Yay.

Back to Goodwill. They make me so mad. This one is in a very good neighborhood and they mark up all their shoes (Talbots loafers were 12.00!) to ridiculous amounts. How do they expect resellers to make a living. I was in one in Delaware and they didn’t even do mark downs anymore. (Different color tag is on sale each week)… I used to love Goodwill, but it seems like all they care about are raising their prices. It’s hard to justify paying 10.00 for a piece of clothing in one. The hospital thriftshops I go to also put very high prices on better clothes and shoes, and then they sit there for months not moving. Seems to me they’d be better off lowering prices and moving the merchandise. I did get 2 stuffed animals (Thumper from Bambii, and a Cabbage Patch Doll Stuffed Horse) and a Pashmina scarf. And a Pendleton wool plaid blazer at the hospital thrift shop. I’m thinking of getting out of the clothing business, I’d like my closet back

Here are some close up s of what I got on Saturday:

Blown Glass Fruit

Blown Glass Fruit

Cocker Spaniel Figurine Large

Cocker Spaniel Figurine Large

English Bulldog Figurine

English Bulldog Figurine

Both of these dogs are good size, nicely detailed and belonged to the sellers grandmother. (I love buying items that belonged to grandmothers. And I make sure they find good new homes where they will be loved)

And did you notice what was missing from all of this wholesome goodness? No jewelry. It is extremely rare to find decent jewelry, let alot great costume jewelry at yard sales. I don’t know where it’s all gone, but it’s not easily found.

We’re both out of shape for sales, we were so tired by 2:00. Next Saturday my son has overnight camp I have to take him to. And surprise, the local volunteer fire company is having a yard sale that same day. Guess we’ll have to stop buy on the way to camp.

That completes my short rummage sale report. See you on Thursday for an Auction update. Remember to tell your friends,


2 Responses to “Yard Sailing Has Started (Kind of) for Gretel”

  1. Todd Hughes Says:

    Sounds like fun and that you did well too!
    We went up to farmers market Sunday then to the big Goodwill recycle center behind it
    Strange place!… You line up behind this red line with your cart and they wheel out all these tables full of junk. Guy rings a bell and everybody rushes out to get the junk. I saw a guitar I wanted but an old guy with a cane beat me to it. They sell the stuff by the pound , like $1.10 a pound up to 10 lbs then it goes down. I bought Mosa a nice woven shopping bag and a lampshade. Was kind of fun

  2. joanne Says:

    i agree goodwill is overpriced on most items!

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