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Gretel Braves the Storm March 8, 2013

The night before the auction there was a huge storm covering the Northern part of the country. They were calling for snow, which we haven’t had yet this year, and there was a possibility the auction would be called off. I awoke auction morning to wind and rain. No snow, oh darn! I love snow. So I made my way to the auction, stopping at Mickey D’s for a small latte non fat with sugar free vanilla. Lattes are a vice for me. Can’t pass a Dunkin Donuts (yum pumpkin) or McDonalds without getting one.

While driving there I called my auction buddy Mr. T to see what it was like. He said there were a few tables set up, so I continued. When I got there it was ver quiet, a few people milling around, drinking coffee, eating amish pretzels, but the auction hadn’t started yet. Ho hum. There wasn’t much jewelry to be seen. After getting some fantastic pieces last week, I just was not into spending money on so so costume jewelry. So I wandered the tables. I like little animal figures, and saw some little china cats, about 2″ high each playing an instrument “T” and I just thought they were the cats meow. (ouch)… I saw some bunnies I liked, and early supposedly Staffordshire poodle dog about 3″ high. Finally the auction started.

I rarely bid on the tables. I always seem to over pay, since opening bid is 20.00, usually for one or two items. I’ve done well with Murano glass, but other than that I always bid too high or get out bid. There was a nice Roseville planter I liked. This is where it gets tricky. They were holding up 2 planters, so I thought, okay, I can work with that, I bid 70.00, and won….one planter. Huh? Please someone keep me away from here. So I ended up with one planter, good size about 6 high, 8″ diameter.

Roseville Tiger Lily planter in Green

Roseville Tiger Lily planter in Green

Pretty planter, there’s one listed for 175.00 on ebay, one sold for much less in blue, so I’ll be okay if I sell it. I love celadon green pottery and green roseville pottery, I’ll probably hold onto it for a while.

Next up was the table with the tiny cat figurines. I dropped out at 50.00….I have no idea how high it went. The little staffordshire dog? I dropped out at 50.00…don’t remember how high it went. There was a lot of bunnies, stone bunnies, glass bunnies, they started at 20.00, this was something I could understand, animal figurines. So I bid, and was the only bidder, and won…..

Polar bear carving on fossilized tusk

Polar bear carving on fossilized tusk

That’s right. I won a carving of a polar bear on a fossilized tusk for 20.00. HUH? I thought we were bidding on bunnies. Beginning to see why I stay away from the tables. It’s like gambling. My fault, I wasn’t close enough to follow along. Anyway, I now have a tusk with a polar bear on it. I have no idea what it is.
Finally the bunnies came up, I won them, along with a bunch of other stuff, for 20.00. An occuppied Japan condiment sent, and some more bunnies.

Bunny candle holders

Bunny candle holders

Occupied Japan condiment set

Occupied Japan condiment set

So I was home very early, didn’t get to sell anything as I had planned, and now have an odd assortment of items to sell. Gotta get those bunnies listed, Easter is coming.

I sold one of my favorite pieces today, I was kind of sad about it. I don’t usually get attached to pieces, my heart does belong to rhinestones though I don’t wear them much anymore. Here is another look at this gorgeous Austrian Brooch, that no longer belongs to me:

Large Austria Rhinestone Brooch with Multiple Dangles

Large Austria Rhinestone Brooch with Multiple Dangles

I also had an interesting sale, last fall I bought 2 16″ tall Murano glass birds, possibly pheasants, well I sold one yesterday. All of my glass always goes to the West Coast and this was no exception, I believe it went to Oregone. I needed to tape 2 boxes together, put that in another box, and it ended up weighing 6 pounds. What a beast. It was beautiful, and I’m keeping the 2nd one!

Murano Glass Pheasant

Murano Glass Pheasant

I’m planning on going to a rummage sale on Saturday. Which means I’ll have to find some other yard sales, thrift shops, whatevers to fill out the morning. We’ll be up bright and early out before 6:30 to get there by 7:00. Hopefully I’ll have something to report on, but I must warn you when I go yard sailing, I can come home with quite different stuff.

Thanks for reading,


2 Responses to “Gretel Braves the Storm”

  1. Todd Hughes Says:

    Enjoyed the blog!… I think you did good considering the weather , prices high to probably because not much there. I think you will do well with the polar bear Inuit carving …if you put it up for auction and eBay don’t pull it.
    I got a few things after you left , just bread and butter stuff
    Looking forward to hearing about the rummage sale!….T.

  2. Rhinestone brooch love it Jennyx

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