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Happy Valentine’s Day February 15, 2013

Haven’t been able to get my auction goodies together for you, thought I’d share a few things that I’ve sold since starting this blog. I’ve had some good results from hunting in July. I’ll just show you a few pictures, then try and get the auction review up tomorrow! I like to sell unusual items, whether its jewelry, pottery, figurines or whatever.

3 weeks ago I found a large sterling silver puffy Peter Rabbit pendant. Abotu 2.5-3″ tall Hollow with a front and back. One of the numerous sterling silver items of jewelry I’ve been trying to explore selling. He was large, odd, really cute and detailed and very specifically designed for a Peter Rabbit lover, down to the buttons on his jacket and his cotton tail. I sold him yesterday to a buyer in Australia. I can’t rave enough about my clients down there. They love animals, jewelry and glass, and so do I. (Plus they have Koala Bears)

Here comes Peter Cottontail, on his way to Australia

Here comes Peter Cottontail, on his way to Australia

The same day I saw a cool pair of sterling earrings with nicely carved turquoise bears dangling from them. Total length was about 2.5″, they spoke to me and I wanted them bad. They were put together into a lot, I have no idea what I paid for them, but they were very compelling and would look great in photos. I sold those yesterday to a buyer in France!

Polar bears travelling to France

Polar bears travelling to France

Finally, you know I like cloth, craft kits, fur scraps odds and ends that other people can use to make something. I found 5 yards of blue and white crewel embroidered border. Probably machine made, maybe not, but cool. Worth saving from the cold hard ground of the field. I gladly sold that today to a relatively local person in Maryland. How great is it to be able to find and sell such a diverse selection of goods.

Blue crewel embroidered border

Blue crewel embroidered border

Hope you enjoyed this small selection of close ups. Stay tuned for my next installment: Catfight in the Field Meow!


4 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day”

  1. Very cool finds and very cool you found great homes for each piece. Keep sharing!

  2. Robin Wood Kurowski Says:

    Thank you! I so enjoy this! I love bunnies, sterling silver and turquoise! Your emails/blog really brightens my day! Robin

  3. joanne Says:

    that was very fun to read!

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