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Best Thing I Ever Bought….Rhinestones February 5, 2013

a href=””>Trifari Parure going to ItalyJust dropping in to make a small comment on something I bought a couple of weeks ago. Remember I bought around 50 tubes of rhinestones…I sorted them out and whittled them down to about 10 tubes by color. So pretty. Today I had a lovely Trifari parure (3 piece set) that was missing 4 rhinestones. Usually that would mean I’d have to look through my broken jewelry, for little clear rhinestones, pry them out with a dental pick, lose the foil backing, then glue them in place. Today I took my little bottle filled with clear rhinestones, shook them out and quickly found 4 perfectly foiled stones, popped them in and there, shipped a lovely package off to Italy. Later while I was listing I came across a bracelet with a missing stone, normally I’d throw it in a drawer and ignore it for a long time, this time I got my little bottle out, opened up the prongs, inserted the new rhinestone and the bracelet looked great. Wow. It’s small things like this that make your business run smoothly. The difference between having the right packing supplies on hand and running to the grocery store to look for a discarded box. It’s amazing how much easier like is with the right tools, and some of those tools for me are rhinestones.

Felt a bit lonely not going hunting last week, but I just wasn’t up to it. Tomorrow I’ll stop by a couple of local thrift shops. Every Tuesday I deliver donated bread to a local food pantry 15 miles away, while in town, I take (tax) advantage of stopping in the thrifts shops. Thus making my trip a business expense. I’ll be looking for clothes, ties, shoes, and nick nacks. My general budget for clothes is 2-3.00 a piece. Ties should be 1-2 dollars. Shoes 2.00. I sell all of them for 20-40.00 each depending on the item and manufacturer. I’ll also keep my eye open for quirky goodies. Over the weekend I sold an owl figurine to Australia. I may have mentioned before but I truly love my Aussies friends. They love animals, jewelry and old bottles. Last week I had a special request from Australia to supply some antique bottles for a woman’s wedding. I ended up giving her one of the nicest ones I’d ever seen, aqua, frosted and embossed. I wished her well.

Bottles going to Australian Wedding

We’ll see what I get tomorrow. Probalby won’t report on it. But Wed. is coming and I’m really looking forward to seeing what treasures I’ll find. I have no idea what I’ll see. I keep my eye out for furs and stitchery kits and art glass. Someday I’d like to discuss how to know what to look for. I’ll give you a hint, it’s something you already know. I’m going to leave you with a picture of a cute panda bear I picked up. He’s huge, but I just couldn’t leave him behind. My son has named him Peter!

Peter Panda, now on Ebay!<


One Response to “Best Thing I Ever Bought….Rhinestones”

  1. Todd Hughes Says:

    It’s always good to have spare parts to fix up what you sell, my problem is that I’m to dis organized to find them when I need them
    When I get my new workshop done I’m going to make an effort to be better! Lol

    Stopped in Hospital shop yesterday and they had some new stuff out. Some furs but with their normal on the moon prices they put on furs. They’ve been having some good English clothing priced good though
    Good luck!,…I’m going to Dover

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