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Gretel Goes to the Movies, Guess What She Saw January 31, 2013

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I’ve been sick the last couple days, so I didn’t go to the auction today. And it’s too early for yards sales so I have no reports there. What I did get to do last weekend was go to a movie, Hansel and Gretel. (I know, obvious tie in to my blog/store/everything)…I’ll have a report next week about my treasure hunting, for now, let’s talk movies.

I don’t know if Hansel and Gretel is too low brow for some people, or violent (rated R) but I have to say it was really cool. I love going to the movies, and I will go see different genre. I’ve actually never gone to see a movie this violent, I don’t like gore, but the concept of 18th century (or earlier) Germany with machine guns was intrigueing. The story starts out with the traditional storybook theme, but then they grow up to become witch hunters. The credits were incredible medieval looking newspapers with reports of H&G witch hunters. The opening scene after the credits showed someone delivering milk bottles with a paper tied with string advertising missing children. Interwoven into the story were 21st century references. Very steampunkish. Alot of authentic German village references, markets, costumes but then they throw in some funky reference that is total out of sync with the time frame. It was very exhausting to watch, H&G kept getting beaten up, thrown around, and still they recovered and kept running after the witches. If you like steampunk, science fiction, fantasy this would be a great film to see.

I’ll be back next week. I’m expecting to go hunting out in the field, I’m kind of tired of jewelry right now (shame on me) and I do really well selling quirky oddities.



One Response to “Gretel Goes to the Movies, Guess What She Saw”

  1. Todd Hughes Says:

    Missed you today! Not much outside but did get for Mosa a basket made out of an armadillo. Inside a pretty good BB gun and some compasses including a WWII airborne one in the jewelry auction. I though jewelry was kind of light and they blew through it

    Movie sounds great, I was thinking about going to it…now I’m planing on it! Good review
    You know the original Grimm fairy tales were…uhmm… Pretty grim!

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