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Dragonflies, Peter Rabbit, a Ballerina and Kenneth J Lane January 25, 2013

Shoebox shot 1/23
How is that for a catchy title. I bet I grabbed your interest. What do they all have in common? They all represent jewelry that I got this week while spelunking in the mines of auctionworld. It was freezing cold here in Maryland on Wed., so I didn’t go outside to explore at all. Plus I got a call from school that the child was sick (at 9am!) so the morning was pretty much shot. Fortunately for me, I have husband to take care of him, and the jewelry auction doesn’t start till 1:00pm. So I toodled my way over hill and dale, got to the auction around 11:30 and was granted special access to behind the cases where all the jewels are stored. This has been working out so well for me. I can take my time, flip things over (and we all know about checking the backs, not only for siggies, but to see if the pinback is actually there!) There wasn’t alot of good stuff. There wasn’t anything I really had to have, which is a good thing cause last week I spent alot, until I got to the last tray. Oh dear. There are a few things I treasure for myself and the store, one of those things is gold filled bracelets with flat top stones or scarabs. There were 2 scarab bracelets, gold filled, one with side by side green stones by WRE (WE Richards) the other was an older multi stone side by side bracelet, probably pre WWII. Gold filled jewelry goes really high here. I don’t know why, but I knew this little lot would go for over 50.00 (possibly 100.00) I was only interested in the 2 bracelets, and I could bid on them seperately, but I’d be pushing my luck to try to get both seperately.

Time to check out the silver and gold cases. There were 6 large cases, and in the last one was another sweet little scarab bracelet. OOOOOh, I really wanted it, it was an unusual setting, but I’d have to wait through gobs of rings, pins, and bracelets for them to get to it. I saw a few things I liked namely a ballerina pin, a nice dragonfy pin (hand crafted and signed, with Mex. opal eyes) and a Peter Rabbit. While looking at those cases I was told about a case of rhinestones in the cheap section. (A large case starts at 15.00, could sell for over 100.00, or 15.00)…I always check these out last because they’re not going anywhere. There was a case with about 50 glass pill bottles each with loose unused rhinestones in them, well, you can imagine how high they could go.

I scooted around the rest of the indoor auction, fortunately didn’t see anything I really cared about. Yay! Got my Pretzels (made by Amish here), yuck they’re burnt and went back to stake my space at the front of the jewelry tables. I bring a shoebox and plant it to stake my space. It was soon followed by my 2 rivals, er auction buddies, who placed their little boxes next to mine. Now we’re all lined up ready to go. I’ve made another jewelry friend there and she took a spot to my left. This way we “save” each others places. It’s just like high school lunch line, saving spots for each other.

Unfortunately, there were 4 cased of coins this week. Yawn. Really, how boring, they’re all round silver with rubbed off people’s faces on them. And they sell them individually. But we have to pay our dues to keep our spots. I have no clue about coins. So we go through the coins, the oriental rugs (don’t know how that works with jewelry and coins). They got to the cheapo cases. Called out the rhinestone case and I shot my hand up, first bidder, then held my breath and waited…what…no one else wanted them…don’t they know they’re like diamonds and rubies…Bang. Got all the rhinestones for 15.00…They’ll pay for themselves aft just a couple of repaired pins. I get really stupid about investing money in my business. Like scrounging for boxes, or packing materials..I quickly learned buying bubble wrap 350 feet at a time was a great thing.

Bottles of Loose Rhinestones

Turning to the jewelry, the cases flew by, all so much junk. They were selling for 15-20.00 for 2 10 x 15 trays. I bid 15.00 on one, don’t know why, but there must have been something I saw. Remember, I’m standing at the bidding table, and I can paw through all the jewelry as it goes buy. The next trays had some rhinestone necklaces on them. I’m tired of the clear rhinestone necklaces, but I flipped one over, and whose initials did I see? KJL Kenneth J Lane, a decent costume jewelry designer, I was probably the only one who saw the initials. I got 2 trays of rhinestones for 30.00. Yahoo. I love scoring big. I have so much junk jewelry, I’ve gotten very selective as to what I will buy. I bid on a few more things, but I’m a bottom feeder at this point, so I don’t want to spend more that 15.00. Finally my scarabs arrived, I made the choice to pull the multi stone bracelet, and got it for 15.00. Wish I could have gotten the green one too, but that would be pushing my luck.

Costume Haul KJL Necklace

Time for silver and gold. There are alot of guys here buying the good stuff, lots of gold,silver, I just hang back and watch because I’m out of my league and I have no interest in precious metals and stones. Selling online I feel I need to have unusual pieces, and I can’t see buying lots of expensive stuff because I can only list so much. There were a few pieces I wanted. I really should have gone home, but I’m a rotten gambler, always hoping to get a good deal and I did. There was one pair of earrings I wanted, but they put them in a lot with 4 other pairs. I could have pulled them out seperately, but the earrings were nice, so I got the lot for 50.00 (10.00 a pair seems fair to me)…there was a ballerina pin I wanted, surely somewhere in the world someone would want her, and the cool dragonfly. I should have quit, but I stuck it out for the Peter Rabbit pendant, it’s big, strange and there are lots of bunny fans out there. At this point I gave up on waiting out for my scarab bracelet in the last case. I wouldn’t make that much on it, and I hate to spend money. Here’s the silver I got:

Silver Jewelry<a

And a close up, hope you can see the details, I love the bear earrings, too bad my ears aren't pierced!

Dragonfly, Peter Rabbit

I have a crazy friend who wants me to send a shout out to him. But I’m going to save him for another day. He likes to make scary creepy dolls (trust me, they are, I’ll get a picture sometime and show you) and buys freeze dried 14 year old cans of food at the auction, cause they’re good for 70 years.

After yesterday, I came to the realization that a) I really don’t like buying and selling the silver jewelry b) my profit margins are much higher with good costume jewelry c) silver can get kind of boring. I do really well selling quirky stuff that I pick up in lots outside. Next week, if it doesn’t rain, I’ll be concentrating on working the field, then check in on the costume jewelry. I’m so afraid of missing Weiss, Regency or maybe even Juliana! I feel that only I am worthy to take those home, because I truly love them and will find them great new homes.

A couple of weeks ago, I brought home a Wade Noahs Ark (ceramic, goes with those little Wade animals you used to get in tea) well I sold it this morning, here’s the listing (hope it works)

It’s going back to England where it was made. I also sold the HAR set I bought 2 weeks ago. Still waiting to be paid, but it’ll come through in the next few days. Also sold some of the needlework kits I found 2 weeks ago, and 3 minks (the kind you wear) that a friend gave me. Honest, there is a buyer for every quirky think, and we make them so happy by supplying them.

Gretel’s Treasures


2 Responses to “Dragonflies, Peter Rabbit, a Ballerina and Kenneth J Lane”

  1. Todd Hughes Says:

    Crazy friend!?…Wait till the upcoming Zombie Apocalypse then you won’t laugh at me buying freeze dried food! LOL

    Sounds like you made out pretty good, I really like that dragonfly pin and congrats on the Noah ark, though I wonder what it would have done with an auction ; )
    I’m going to do real good with the pocket knives I got yesterday.

    Love your blog but after reading it Im thinking about starting to buy jewelry! Can I squeeze in at the jewelry trough too?

  2. Cool stuff! I was there, too. Just hanging out ….

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