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I’ve finally recovered from the Jan 9th auction January 11, 2013


Here is a trunk shot of everything I got. Auctions are very long days for me. I tried to get there by 9am, that is hard to do, then I get out all my picking equipment. My shopping cart, and boxes. This is a huge auction, a large field outside with rows and rows of stuff. Alot of it comes from storage lockers, I wander the aisles looking for great vintage things to sell on my online stores. I also enjoy picking up stuff I personally collect. I love glass and jewelry. I like to sell costume jewelry, art glass, animal figurines, old glass bottles and perfume bottles. But today I didn’t find much of that. I found a green glass poodle decanter, 2 red leather coats (new, good for ebay) and some bolts of vintage cloth and needlepoint kits. I hadn’t been to the auction for 3 weeks and found myself out of practice on how to pick through the rocks to find the diamonds.

There are 3 auctions going on at the same time, since there is one of me, no Hansel helping me here, I have to bounce back and forth between the different ones hoping not to miss anything. I spend the morning out in a large field putting together box lots that I will later bid on. Then I go inside and check out the costume and fine jewelry auction which runs in the afternoon for 2 hours. I had hoped there would be lots of vintage jewelry to bid on, unfortunately there was hardly anything, and what I did see was junk jewelry from the 1990s. I decided to have lunch with a friend instead of putting myself through standing around the jewelry auction. Lo and behold, when I came out, they were just getting to the jewelry.

There weren’t many bidders, I was able to get a spot right up front, next to one of the other regulars. (after attend for a year, I’m a regular!, they even let me come behind the counter and roll around in all the costume jewelry, like a hog in a mud bog)…So I was grumbling about there not being much, as was my auction neigher, she gave me a shoebox to put any jewelry I bought into it. And we stood there. They bring the costume jewelry out on trays in lots, and we can pick stuff up and look at it. Nothing great like I said, but wait, I saw rhinestones and art glass in a pin and earrings set. Best of all, it was olive green art glass. Yum. Picked it up, flipped it over, saw HAR. Yes a signed piece I could work with. When the bidding came up for that tray I shot my hand up and held my breath, looked around, hoped the auctioneer would stop asking for additional bids and BAM, I got a nice little lot, 2 sets and an ugly goldtone necklace and earrings. Yay! Now I could go home happy.

I have made it a goal to try and learn more about silver jewelry, so I promised myself to stick it out through the whole jewelry auction. Another tray came up, ooooh, a silver crown with rhinestones, another genre I love. Yes, it was missing a few, but sterling with purple cabs, at this point I pulled the one pin off the tray and asked to just bid on that. Stood there holding my breath again, didn’t anyone else know what a treasure this was?
Bam. No they didn’t, I got that too. Watched the rest of the silver and gold auction, I’m just not that into rings. I don’t like to sell them, since I don’t wear them, and they do need to be sized. They were going for about 12 rings for 80.00, sterling with stones. I don’t know if that’s a great price. So I just watched the rest of the auction. Bid low on a few things, but didn’t get anything else.


At this point I should have gone home. But no, I went down to the other end of the building to check out the old good stuff auction. At this point it was 3:oo, they should have been done by now, things were dragging, and I saw a tabletop full of antique glass salt shakers. Cut glass, pressed glass, oh so pretty! My hand shot up, I held my breath, and once again I was the only bidder. No one else saw how beautiful they were. Sigh. What was I thinking. Here they are:


Well, we’ll see what this looks like. Thanks for listening. I’ll get the hang of this.

You can always google Gretel’s Treasures to find me


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