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Just home from an auction! January 9, 2013

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This blog stuff is still really new to me. Please bear with me while I learn. Just got home from an auction, I was out all day, hoping to find good stuff. It’s been a few weeks, due to the holidays, since I’ve been shopping and I felt really rusty getting out there and digging through piles of junk, looking for a diamond. Or a rhinestone even. I’m going to get some pictures together, do up a proper post about just what I found and didn’t find. Today was not much of a vintage day. Very disappointing, but I still found lots of goodies to sell. Please stop by tomorrow to see what I ended up with. Here’s a hint: poodles peacocks and crowns.


2 Responses to “Just home from an auction!”

  1. Barb Says:

    I can’t wait to see what you found.
    Great blog!

  2. Todd Hughes Says:

    Love the blog!

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