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Welcome to Gretels Treasures Adventures in Vintage Treasure Hunting January 6, 2013

Hi, Gretels Treasures is an Ebay and Etsy store. But this this blog is not about selling online. It’s about what goes on before the treasures get to be seen online. I hope to take you along to auctions, flea markets, garage sales where ever I can find cool stuff to sell. My specialty is vintage jewelry. But other stuff doesn’t scare me either. I might go to Goodwill to find great clothes, a church rummage sale and find corn husk dolls and geode stones. How about rummaging through an auction field for vintage ties, blenko art glass, and coach handbags. I will sell anything that deserves to be found by someone. I sell to buyers all over the world, and for that one person in Australia, I may be the only connection for them to find that special dog figurine that reminds them of a four footed friend they just lost. I want to bring the human factor back to all of these treasures I’ve found. Each object has a story. I can’t tell them all, but I can tell some.


One Response to “Welcome to Gretels Treasures Adventures in Vintage Treasure Hunting”

  1. Todd Hughes Says:

    Great Blog, felt like I was there at the auction!

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